A cry that no one has heard

Every 4th pregnancy ends with miscarriage, yet it is a taboo subject. Women and men experiencing the loss of a child are deprived of the support and help of specialists. Often their emotions and feelings are downplayed.

The 6mm series was created as an objection to this state of affairs. We do not agree to minimize the suffering of our parents. Our goal is to cause social discourse and to support bereaved parents.

The 6mm project consists of 3 films. They share a leading theme, i.e. the experience of a miscarriage, a short form and the main actors: Agnieszka Radzikowska and Dariusz Chojnacki. Each episode has a different director and screenwriter, which gives it an individual feel.

The 6mm project was awarded in the “Deposit for Culture” competition organized by Katowice Miasto Ogrodów.

Moreover, as the only production from Poland, it qualified for the German film festival Die Seriale!

Agnieszka Radzikowska

Doctor of Theater and Film Arts, received numerous awards and distinctions, incl. award them. Leon Schiller for the best actress in 2012, 2nd acting award at the international festival in Gombrowicz for the roles of Iwona and the award of the patrons of the Silesian Theater for the best roles in the 2018/2019 season, the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship award for Young Artists, the Batory statuette, and nominations for the Golden Mask and Lena Starke Awards.

Since 2010, she has been permanently associated with the team of the Silesian Theater. She created several dozen roles in it, such as the title Yvonne in “Ivona, the Princess of Burgundy”, Celina in “Himalayas”, and the Girl Who Slipped Out in “Drach”.

Viewers could also watch her in film roles in “Close-ups”, dir. Magdalena Piekorz or “The Tree and Me”, dir. Łukasz Nowak.

She is the originator, producer and actress of the 6mm series, which was created to bring hope to women and men experiencing miscarriages.


If you’ve experienced or experienced a miscarriage and need help, please write to us –